Volunteer Tree Planters needed for NeighborWoods Program

NeighborWoods Tree Planting Program Overview

NeighborWoods is a cooperative project that combines the efforts of private businesses, individual citizens, and city government to plant thousands of street trees without depending solely on city tax money or federal grant money. The program is based on the rationale that the government can facilitate tree planting by working with businesses (who pay for the trees) and citizens (who plant and water the trees) rather than being the direct provider of tree planting. This way, people who want trees and are willing to plant and maintain them will receive direct benefit from the trees. This is contrary to the usual model in which the city pays for the purchase, planting, and maintenance of a tree in a park.


Program Mission: To purchase trees with donations from local businesses and coordinate with residential homeowners to plant and water trees in the right of way in front of homes in order to increase the beauty, comfort and property values of Round Rock neighborhoods while saving energy and shading streets.

How does it work? NeighborWoods enables the City to economically plant trees along neighborhood streets (within the city limits) by providing citizens with trees to plant in their front yards. The Forestry Division will coordinate the project by selecting planting sites and notifying residents that they are eligible for a free street tree. The Urban Forestry Division will deliver the tree and provide planting and maintenance instructions to the resident.

A simple step-by-step process:

  1. Find sponsors
  2. Locate suitable neighborhood areas (usually older neighborhoods) for planting along the street.
  3. Place small flag on site and door hanger flyer to explain the program in order to alert homeowner of free tree possibility.
  4. Resident completes flyer: chooses type of tree, agrees to plant and water tree for two years, returns completed card to Forestry Division.
  5. Delivery date decided upon, confirmation notice mailed to participating resident.
  6. Trees are delivered. Each homeowner will receive packet with planting and water information.
  7. Periodic checks on progress of trees by Arborist.
Please contact us at volrock@volrock.org or 512-733-7625 if you would like to help plant trees in Round Rock neighborhoods! Thanks so much!!

We would love your empty drink pouches!

Latest Y.O.U. News (Youth Opportunity to Unite)

The Volunteer Center’s youth volunteer program, has partnered with TerraCycle to begin recycling drink pouches.  For each drink pouch we collect and send in, we will receive $.02 in our account.  We can then use our account funds towards the following:

–  Provide fresh drinking water in communities in Africa
–  Provide meals for hungry Americans
–  Help save wildlife land
–  Give school supplies to homeless children
–  And there are many more wonderful projects!!!!

We will collect the drink pouches until the end of this year and then we will vote in December on which projects we want to assist with using our funds.  Please save your drink pouches (Capri Suns pouches, Roar’n Waters pouches, Cool Aid pouches, Honest Kids pouches) and then bring them to our Y.O.U. projects and meetings.  The pouches will get recycled to make things like backpacks.  Visit the TerraCycle site to see all the unique products  http://www.terracycle.net/product_categories/School/products.html?locale=en-USThis .  This an easy way to help make a big impact!

Texas Firefighter Olympics

In 1983, professional firefighters representing cities all across Texas began participating in various sporting events against other Texas Fire Departments utilizing the Olympic theme. The Texas Firefighter Olympics (TFO) is held annually in different “Host Cities” starting the third Sunday of July and this year it’s right here in Round Rock!!

Volunteers are needed July 18 – 22 between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  Let us know if you are interested in helping out at one of the events! (Soccer, Horseshoes, Sand Volleyball, Tennis or Basketball).  volrock@volrock.org or (512) 733-7625