We would love your empty drink pouches!

Latest Y.O.U. News (Youth Opportunity to Unite)

The Volunteer Center’s youth volunteer program, has partnered with TerraCycle to begin recycling drink pouches.  For each drink pouch we collect and send in, we will receive $.02 in our account.  We can then use our account funds towards the following:

–  Provide fresh drinking water in communities in Africa
–  Provide meals for hungry Americans
–  Help save wildlife land
–  Give school supplies to homeless children
–  And there are many more wonderful projects!!!!

We will collect the drink pouches until the end of this year and then we will vote in December on which projects we want to assist with using our funds.  Please save your drink pouches (Capri Suns pouches, Roar’n Waters pouches, Cool Aid pouches, Honest Kids pouches) and then bring them to our Y.O.U. projects and meetings.  The pouches will get recycled to make things like backpacks.  Visit the TerraCycle site to see all the unique products  http://www.terracycle.net/product_categories/School/products.html?locale=en-USThis .  This an easy way to help make a big impact!


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