M.Y. Little Tool Shack – Discover Green (Need tools for an environmental service project?)

M.Y. Little Tool Shack –Discover Green

In October 2008, Marie’s brother held the first Teen Green Party with a Purpose.  She was 4 and really wanted to participate.  At age 5 she got to participate in her first tree planting when her sister turned 11.  Saplings were just her size – but, the shovels & gloves were not.

Her siblings and the other eco-inspiration coaches could see she wanted to do more with equipment that was her size.  They made sure all future events could support the “saplings” – the siblings of the teen volunteers.

Thanks to REI, Discover Green will open a tool shack stocked specifically with equipment for the whole family.  Specializing in equipment for children, ages 4-9, including shovels, rakes, gloves, trash grabbers and weed wrenches.

This resource will make it easier for you to have your service projects family friendly.  To reserve tools visit www.discovergreenyel.org and fill out the tool request form and read/sign the agreement form.


Discover Green’s M.Y. Little Tool Shack is proud to offer the community access to quality tools without the expense, in an easy to check out system to facilitate community-driven beautification, improvement and maintenance projects around North Travis County and Williamson County.

Submitted by Kate Woodward-Young
Not My Monkey and Discover Green


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