Family Volunteering


Are you looking for a new activity for your family to do?  Why not volunteer as a family?  The Round Rock area has a lot of volunteer opportunities that families can be involved in, from projects that you can do at home to organizations you can go visit.

Volunteering as a family is not only good for the community it also help brings your family closer together and teaches your children valuable lessons.  By volunteering, children will learn the true meaning of “it’s better to give than receive.”  They will also learn to be compassionate, understanding of others and respectful to the environment.

There are many activities your family can do based on their interests.  Does your family love animals?  Why not organize an adoption fair or collect pet supplies for a local shelter.  Does your family love sports?  Low-income schools or after school programs are often in need of new sports equipment and a sports equipment drive is the perfect way to get these organizations the equipment they need.    Your family could also volunteer to coach a sports team.  Is your family creative and artsy?  You can make homemade cards for a local nursing home or decorate a common area at a local shelter for a holiday.  The possibilities are endless.

To find a place you and your family can volunteer at visit  or visit for ideas on additional volunteer projects.


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