Libraries of Love

Libraries of Love is a local nonprofit that partners with Africans in Uganda to create libraries in individual schools. Their hope is that through reading, students will develop a love of literature and strengthen their knowledge in each curriculum subject area.

Recently we received the following email from Trudy the executive director about her upcoming trip and wanted to share it with you:

Dear Friends,

I will be leaving Wednesday, the 30th, to my other home across the ocean. I wanted to share with you about the upcoming trip.

In Uganda, I will be working in our 24 libraries. The team will come June 15th. We will complete two libraries started last year and create four new ones. I am looking forward to my two-day meeting with headmasters, and later two days with all of our librarians.

Before going to Uganda, I will go to Kenya. This is not a Libraries of Love trip … simply a ‘Trudy’ side mission. Last year, as I wrote in a newsletter, after leaving Uganda, I went to see a Masai pastor friend, Peter, in the remotest part of Kenya. We visited places where school and churches meet under trees. After returning, I shared the situation with the pastor of Pflugerville Community Church. Their church is now donating funding to build three buildings in Masailand. Two will be schools – also used for churches. The third was Peter’s request, as he needs a building  to use as a seminary to train the approx. 60 pastors under his care.  **May God bless PCC and their pastor, Steve Clem, for this incredible donation.

Peter had shared that the pastors needed Bibles, so I posted the need to Facebook. With the help of friends and New Life Baptist Church in Pflugerville, I will be able to purchase around 100 Bibles in Nairobi, which will be in the Masai language. There will be some happy pastors! Peter has a pastors’ conference in April. Wilber, my Ugandan pastor, is going to preach at the conference, so I will go to Uganda the first of March – and return with Wilber for the five day conference.

There you have it – by the time I return in August, there will be two new school – churches, one seminary, two completed libraries, and four new ones. How incredible is that?!  I am so thankful for the donors and volunteers that make it all possible.  Amazing people they are!  As always – all the glory belongs to God

I will try to stay in touch and plan on returning August 15.

May our God keep us until we meet again.


If you would like to stay informed of Trudy’s trip, learn more about the organization or volunteer make sure to visit


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